Parish-Minister Quotes

4th Day of July 2021 REFLECTION

The greatest person in the world as far as God is concerned is not the one who tithes faithfully, neither the one who prays and fasts daily or the one who gives alms to the poor but the one who always give THANKS.
Thanksgiving is not about scarcity or abundance but the will to appreciate God for all he has done for you.

  • Thanksgiving is not a one off event but a continuous thing that we should do.
  • We should make thanksgiving a “way of life”.
    That is to give thanks always.
  • Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
  • Thanksgiving reminds us to give thanks and to count our blessings.
Rev. Peter Gitau

27th day of June 2021 REFLECTION

Don’t Give Up

Everyone has had time at some point in life you felt defeated and so down to a point of giving up.

This may be as a result of obstacles and barriers that interfere with our comfortable life.

Sometimes things don’t go well the way we want and other times we experience betrayal.  All this and other factors like “lack” contribute to us losing hope in life But remember:-

  1. The situation you are however bad, there is a better tomorrow and therefore Never give up.
  2. Keep your dreams alive for they are your life’s purpose – Don’t give up.
  3. Always persevere, if you fall down and are defeated get up, try again and don’t give-up
Rev. Peter Gitau

 20th Day of June 2021 REFLECTION

The sustainability and the longevity of everything depend on its foundation. Foundation is the act of establishing or beginning, that upon which anything stands or supports.  It is the act of fixing the basis. The Bible directs us as Christians to be founded on the true gospel which is the word of God. The most important thing is the fact that Jesus Christ is our true foundation upon which every believer must be founded.  And therefore our spiritual foundation is very vital both here on earth and eternity.

  1. Following God and submitting to his will enables you to build a solid foundation based on God’s values.
  2. It is your duty to cultivate a strong healthy spiritual life.
Rev. Peter Gitau

13TH Day of June 2021 REFLECTION

Being God’s Witnesses

God desires that we become his faithful witnesses and tell others about His Power. It’s an honor to be chosen to become God’s witnesses but on the other hand it’s a huge responsibility to be a witness.

We become effective witnesses by:-

  • Telling others about what God has done for us.
  • Living godly lives for others to see.
  • Becoming faithful servants in our calling.
  • Touching other people’s lives in their hour of need.

We must witness to both our fellow Christians as well as the unbelievers and as we do this, we need to be consistent, truthful and bold in what we do and what we profess.

6th Day of June 2021 REFLECTION

Feeling useless and forgotten?

Remember this:-

  1. God knows you by name.
  2. He’s concerned about you.
  3. He will send help from his throne.
  4. Therefore don’t lose hope your appointment is so close just keep keeping on.


Mrs. Mary Gitau

30th Day of May 2021 REFLECTION

Life is a journey and in every journey there are obstacles along the way.

As Christians, we meet many obstacles and challenges of life.  They range from physical, economic, social, political and spiritual etc.

When you encounter obstacles in life as a Christian the following is necessary to note:-

Obstacles are short lived so you should believe that its only for a short time and they are gone.

Some obstacles are meant for you to open your eyes and understand the true power of God.

Obstacles can make you feel hopeless and like you will never reach your desired out-come, they can affect your progress but they are meant to move you to the next level of faith.

Rev. Peter Gitau


23rd Day Of May 2021 REFLECTION

Facing the storms of live in Christ

  1. In life we all face storms like the disciples
  2. God uses storms of life to draw us closer to Him
  3. We can still find peace in a storm as we find rest in God
  4. Always be willing to learn in every situation you find yourself in.
  5. Scars of storms will be our testimony in life
Elder Anne Kiarie


16th day May 2021 REFLECTION

Anything that comes to a believer whether good or bad happens with a reason and for a purpose.

What are the lessons we can learn from Covid-19.

  1. Before the eyes of God we are equal.

This Pandemic affected almost the whole world. So even the rich of the richest their money couldn’t take away the virus.

  1. It required just an invisible virus (Orthocoronavirinae) for the world to be in stand still. This means that it would cause God only a quark (This is the smallest particle in the universe) to stagnate the whole world.
  2. You need God more than anything else.
Rev. Peter Gitau



9th Day May 2021 REFLECTION

I know in one time or another each one of us has made a promise to either someone or to God or to oneself.

A promise is a declaration that one will do something.

As we talk about promise,

  1. It has to do with the willingness to fulfil it.
  2. When one promises s/he has to be committed to the promise he/she has made
  3. The Bible teaches us that we have to make and keep the promises we made to God since our God is a promise keeper.
Rev. Peter Gitau



2nd day May 2021 REFLECTION

The Kingdom of God is:
Suppose a person asked you what is the kingdom of God? What would you tell him?
A kingdom is a territory over which a king reigns. And since we know that God is the creator of all things,
therefore the kingdom of God is wherever God reigns then Kingdom of God is everywhere.
An Old Testament scholar (Graeme Goldsworthy) said, that the Kingdom of God is “Gods’ people in Gods’
place under Gods’ rule”.
So in short we the people are God’s Kingdom. The place we live in Gods’ Kingdom and the rules under which
we operate as believers in the Kingdom of God.
We need therefore to abide ourselves to the terms and conditions of God in order for us to experience the
Kingdom of God. This Kingdom is guided by righteousness.

Rev. Peter Gitau