Parish-Minister Quotes

11th day of April 2021 REFLECTION

Assured of God’s Love

God’s motivation to offer Christ on the cross was love. Christ’s  endurance  on  the  cross  was  due  to  love  He  has for us. God’s love is not limited and never fails.  It’s  accessible  to  all  who  choose  and  accept  to  be  children  of God. Through Christ’s  sacrifice  on  the  cross,  we  have  the  gift  of  grace  that  qualifies  us  as  children  of  God. 

The sacrifice at the cross gives us a new identity.  The right to become children of God. As Children of God:

  • Our self-worth is drawn from God’s love.
  • God identifies and affirms us through salvation.
  • Through Christ we have victory over sin.
  • We have love for others and are set apart for good deeds.
  • Have confidence  in  God  to  overcome  all  overcame  just  as  Christ did.

Eld. Isaac Gitau Njoroge