P.C.E.A Church Choir is a group formed by the Church Management Board for the purpose of active participation in singing during church services and church events

The group office in the year 2021/2022 is constituted as follows;

  • Elder Magdalene Mbugua        Patron
  • John Thitai                                Chairman
  • Alex Waweru                             V. Chairman
  • Glory Karimi                              Secretary
  • Caroline Gathioro                     V.Secretary
  • Ann Mutegi                              Treasurer
  • Lucy Gathanga                         V. Treasurer



Who we are:

Current membership is One Hundred and One active members (101) and the focus is to recruit more members.  

For effective delivery, the group was divided into two teams namely;

  • First Choir
  • Second Choir

The two choirs meet separately on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays for practice and then present the songs on Sundays during church services.

They lead the congregation when singing hymns in church.

They performs largely in church events like Christmas Carols, Easter Concerts and other special service

Full report of they 2021/2022 activities is available in the provided link below

Church Choir Annual Report 2021/22

 Major Upcoming Events

  1. Choir Music Extravaganza 2022 Edition (25th Sep 2022)

In attendance there will be: 

  • PCEA Zimmerman Praise Team
  • PCEA Zimmerman Youth
  • NIMPA Chorale
  • Kasarani PCEA Church
  • Ayub Kinyua PCEA Church
  • Kariobangi South PCEA Church
  • Makongeni PCEA Church

Follow link below for more info


PCEA Zimmer Choir Music Extravaganza 2022 Edition (25th Sep 2022) #nairobikenya #pceazimmer

♬ original sound – PCEA Zimmerman Church